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I am the head beekeeper here at the Heathcote Apiaries and have been keeping bees for about 10 years. We understand the synergy that exists between healthy bees and a stress free and disease free environment.

We are passionate about our bees and adopt an integrated approach to disease management by not using harsh chemicals and not stressing bees by moving the hives leaving our colonies to develop uninhibited.

Our secret recipes for our products have been passed down through the generations and we use all natural ingredients with no added colours or preservatives.

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Heathcote Lincolnshire Honey Image


Heathcote Lincolnshire Honey
454g of Honey in a Glass Jar

Heathcote Luxury Hand Cream Image


Heathcote Luxury Hand Cream
60ml of Cream in a Glass Jar

Heathcote Leather & Saddle Balsam Image


Heathcote Leather & Saddle Balsam
500ml of Balsam in a Plastic Pot