Local Swarm Collection

Swarming is part of the natural reproductive life cycle of honey bees and during the swarming season, usually the months of May to September, we offer a swarm collection service within a 10 mile radius of our farm.

Swarms are a sign of healthy bees and occur when a colony has become too big for their hive and have moved on to another home.

These swarms can be carefully collected and re-homed into a suitable hive to increase the chances of survival. It is never advisable to be near bees at this time without taking special precautions.

We are a telephone call away and can help in most circumstances. If you see a swarm there are a few precautions shown below to take:

  • If you see a swarm settling on your property keep children and pets inside the house until the flying bees have clustered onto a tree or other object.

  • Close all windows and doors of your property.

  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE THE SWARM BY SPRAYING WITH WATER OR CHEMICALS. This will aggravate the bees and encourage them to sting.

  • Telephone us on 07762 87 1200 and we will do our best to assist in dealing with the swarm.

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To help you identify a Honey Bee, below is what they look like:



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